Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bookmarks: Lawrence

How great is it that after all these years, Lawrence from Go Cart Mozart/Denim/Felt is finally getting the love and attention that he's always deserved? Okay, we're still some way from seeing Cowell choosing We Are The Supermodels as this year's song for the winners of X factor to destroy, but the Met Police have confirmed that unlike in the past, Lawrence could manage to get himself arrested. The Quietus celebrates with an interview:

When Paul said to me, 'My next film is going to be about you', I said, 'OK then', but I said, 'I don't want to make an ordinary film, I don't want any talking heads, I don't want you to go to any people who know me and get a critique or anything like that, what I don't want to see in a documentary is someone who's been in a band years ago and then you see them and the other band members fat and old with grey hair sitting in a pub reminiscing. I hate that, it's just such a boring technique. Paul said exactly the same, he didn't want to make that sort of film in any case.