Thursday, January 26, 2012

Gordon in the morning: Incredibly, Hulk

What's this? Have ITV gone and commissioned another mismatched cop duo drama?

One's an out-there maverick who gets results with macrobiotics and wrestling the moves. The other is a suit from City Hall who has the digital skills to get a jump on the bad buys by hac... oh, hang on, it's not that. It's an awkward visit to The Sun headquarters.

Somewhat surprisingly, this is the lead story this morning. Great, I suppose, if you were ten years old in 1984 and somehow were still ten years old today; bemusing otherwise.

Smart does his best to try and make Hogan's visit relevant to 2012. I mean, he makes films, right? Or at least popped up in a Rocky movie. Surely he's got some gossip?
Sadly, he didn't have any Hollywood revelations of his own to share, except admitting he has a battery in his back to ease pain from all his injuries.
That's right: Gordon's big story this morning is that an old man has got a bad back.

That's not his hook, though: Gordon tries to turn this into a story about, erm, Karabian:
WRESTLING legend Hulk Hogan has a bone to pick with Kasabian after he rumbled the band checking into hotels under his name.

Hulk popped into Bizarre HQ for a chat and a game of darts yesterday. And he roared: "I heard about these guys. They have made a show about UK wrestling in the Eighties, called Walk Like A Panther.

"I know Rollerball Rocco, he's in it. He's my guy. I'll be his tag partner and sort them out for trashing hotel rooms under my name."
Hmmm. Really, Gordon? Did Hulk say that really? Or did you give him a bit of help? Because apart from a somewhat pre-emptive double page spread on the Walk Like A Panther pilot in Q, it sometimes looks like there's only one person in the world outside the production team who has heard of the unaired show. That's you, Gordon.


Anonymous said...

Presumably the fact that Smart's former Bizarre deputy Simon Rothstein is now doing the UK PR for Hogan's wrestling company had no bearing on the coverage it got either

Craig said...

Two framed Oasis posters, really?

Anonymous said...

By default, it seems that at least 3 people have heard of the unaired show, outside of the production team - the two posters above & your bitter, twisted, uncreative, even less unfunny self.
And a little google search on the show will magically reveal a rather large amount of people have heard of & even (shock/horror) support the unaired show. There are certainly a lot more results for this unaired show than there are for your site.
You seem to be the web equivalent of reality tv - a finger pointing, leering, jealous bag of toss. But thanks for the opportunity to post anyhoo. Good luck with spreading your over-abundance of negativity.

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