Monday, February 20, 2012

The Game is a delightful piece of work, isn't he?

Ha ha ha, The Game has been posting some jokes to Twitter:

"If you look any other way but straight while you pissin' you got that #FagSwag"
"If you cried when the ship sank in Titanic... You got that #FagSwag"
The Game - a pretty young thing who has doodled stars on his face - was called out on this by Perez Hilton ("You know you're in the wrong when Perez Hilton is in the right" being a Twitter meme all by itself) and you'll never guess his response?

He was only telling jokes, right?
"@PerezHilton this is comedy.... Stop gettin ya panties all inna bunch... That's #FagSwa."
I see, Mr Game. Trouble is, your pledge that it's comedy fails on two counts - first, it's nasty homophobia and secondly, more importantly, you're confusing "comedy", which is funny, with "witless buttdribble", which is what you've created.

Mr Game's jokes are in no way a bid for him to try and cope with the strange feeling he gets in his pee-pee when he imagines 50 Cent showering.


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