Monday, February 13, 2012

Gordon in the morning: Loss

To everyone's surprise, there's still a Sun this morning, and so Gordon Smart is still in work. Obviously, while Rupert Murdoch strides around Wapping sticking price labels on everything - pausing to mutter 'I'm committed to this newspaper, really I am. Can you sell media businesses on eBay? Just asking' - Gordon is in a grim moood. How lucky there's a celebrity corpse for Pete Samson to kick about a bit:

Whitney Houston died in bath after 48hr binge
Star was on 'Jacko drugs'
Two nights of boozy partying
Head was underwater
Jacko Drugs? Seriously?

Samson throws the words "tragic" in four times. While listing the drugs that may or may not have been in her room or her system.

Still, in a piece by Richard White, there's a chance to focus on what made her famous, rather than the grisly end, eh?
£100million diva Whitney Houston blew fortune on crack
Star got addicted to drug and died broke
White does get an eyewitness. Not to the death, obviously, but to Whitney looking like she must on drugs or something:
Simon J Bailey, 30, opened for Whitney on the Manchester dates of her Nothing But Love tour. Last night he told The Sun: "You could see in her eyes that she had been through some tough times.

"I think you can always see that a person has been through turmoil.
Right. So, there was much evidence of debauchery, yes?
"All I ever saw her drink was water, I never saw any drink or drugs."
Who is this Simon Bailey? His place in the firmament is more-or-less signified by the quality of the picture The Sun have of him:
Then up pops Gordon to share his view.

First, he makes it clear that Whitney can't be blamed at all for her own drug problems:
Like Jacko with Dr Conrad Murray and Amy with Blake Fielder-Civil, her drug problems were largely down to someone else.
Didn't Jackson retain Murray to keep the supply of drugs flowing? It's odd, isn't it, how The Sun is happy to take the responsibility for their own actions off the shoulders of a select few; they tend to be less forgiving for the addicted poor. If you do heroin on a council estate, or crack in a tower block, it won't be because someone introduced you to drugs, it'll be your own choice. If you do them in a mansion, it'll be someone nasty from outside.

Having absolved Whitney from blame, he then offers a eulogy:
Like Jacko and Amy, Whitney should be remembered for that amazing voice. It made her a global star loved by millions.
It also enabled a massive drugs problem. But Gordon doesn't want that to be how we remember Whitney.

What was the headline on the page which Gordon insists we should just remember the music again?
£100million diva Whitney Houston blew fortune on crack
Star got addicted to drug and died broke
Perhaps that was one of her late 90s hits?