Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Gordon in the morning: One could get a concussion from such a bimp

As we prepare for James Corden's contractually unavoidable Brits hosting, Gordon has bought a magazine which has a photo of him in.

In it, Corden is attempting to be Peter Sellars. Smart's verdict?

It’s Clouse-au but no cigar, James Corden
Oh, yes. Clouseau's famous cigar. How could anyone forget... eh?

Oh, it's just a joke that doesn't quite work - although, to be fair, Gordon isn't the first to make it.
JAMES Corden does his best impression of Inspector Clouseau star Peter Sellers — but it looks like he could do with a few clues himself.
Isn't looking like you need a clue a pretty good impersonation of Clouseau?

James isn't alone in the frame.
The 33-year-old comic donned thick-rimmed specs for the 1960s look — as Georgia May Jagger draped herself across his shoulders.
Well done, Gordon. You didn't describe her as someone's daughter.
The daughter of Rolling Stones star Mick took on the role of Sellers' wife, Swedish film beauty Britt Ekland.
Well, not straight away.