Saturday, February 25, 2012

Gordon in the morning: One man crimewave

Gordon reports that Noel Gallagher filled his boots after the Brits:

Noel wrote on his blog: "I'm having trouble remembering anything after the Brits! What a smash up!

"Called it a day at about 10am. Proper old-school business.

"Didn't get home until 5pm the next evening and I'd somehow managed to nick a giant shoe and ended up with an £8,000 watch! And I don't even wear a watch!"
"Smash ups", stealing shoes and valuable items? What does that remind me of.

Oh, yes, the riots last year.

I remember Noel being quite clear on those:
. The people who are at these riots aren't poor. These are kids with fucking mobile phones and all sorts of shit. The police and government have to take drastic measures.
Clearly, the trouble with the rioters is they didn't first play a track with Chris Martin, which makes the difference between mindless criminality and high-spirited larks.