Thursday, March 29, 2012

Gordon in the morning: Gloves off

Popping up on the edge of Gordon's column today is a massive advert for his current employer's current other business, Sky Atlantic:

Viewers are Mad for Megan Draper

THE season five premiere of Mad Men pulled in 98,000 viewers – while 45,000 tuned in to the second episode of the Sixties-based hit.
It's a little bit of a stretch to suggest a programme which managed to displace more than half its audience episode-to-episode has viewers "Mad for" it, but the Bizarre team try to talk things up:
Ratings are expected to rise as fans watch it on catch-up.
Well, perhaps by a bit.

In case we forget, how did the first episode do for the last series, when it was on BBC Four?
US drama Mad Men returned to BBC4 for its fourth series with just over 350,000 viewers last night, Wednesday 8 September.
At the time, MediaGuardian sniffed that that was a bit underwhelming for a series with such a stature.

Oddly, Gordon's gang don't mention how Rupert Murdoch has spent a small fortune on a programme managing to take it from an audience of a third of a million to less than fifty thousand in one leap.

Elsewhere, the bid to try and make One Direction sound interesting continues by a suggestion they might have stolen Darth Vader's gloves.

Actually, the story is that a "Darth Vader mimic" (mimic?) has misplaced a pair of his gloves, and he thinks he might have had them last at an event that One Direction were also at. It barely even registers as circumstantial evidence.