Monday, May 14, 2012

DAB: I don't feel Amazing now

Amazing Radio is going through something of a golden era - turning a profit, about to expand to America, everything's looking good.

Except it's coming off DAB transmissions.


Founder Paul Campbell points the finger at Digital One, who run the DAB system:

So why, if everything’s going so well, is Amazing Radio coming off digital radio in the UK? Why for a time at least, will it be broadcasting online and on mobile Apps only?

It’s not our preference. We would have loved to stay on the UK airwaves – it’s been a real privilege to be ‘six clicks to the left of Radio 1’. But we’ve got into a barney with the people who own the transmitter network. It’s about money. ‘Nuff said. The net result is that Amazing Radio will continue on wi-fi, but no longer on the wireless. For the moment, at any rate.
Given that, aside from the BBC, there's bugger all on DAB, it's bemusing to see the Multiplex owners chasing decent programming off their service. Almost as if they'd rather it just went away.