Saturday, June 30, 2012

Gordon in the morning: Hurling insults

Like a 70s stand-up who's burned through his material and is now desperate to find something, anything, to talk about, Noel Gallagher has turned his attention to hurling:

“Gaelic football is a great game and quite exciting – but hurling? F*** that. Any sport where you have to wear a helmet is just wrong.”
He continued "am I right? And what about people who leave comments on websites reviewing toasters? What's that all about?"

Gordon, though, sniffs outrage:
Plenty of the sport’s fans hit out at the Oasis lord online over his comments – despite Noel always insisting he is proud of his Irish roots.
I'm not sure why, if something you love had been ridiculed, you'd go 'well, the guy from Manchester has ancestors who lived in the country in which my sport is popular, so I can't really argue against that, can I?'

The more pressing thing, though, is that Gordon is apparently now using "the Oasis lord" regularly when he just means Noel.