Saturday, June 30, 2012

Soundgarden: They're unique

Chris Cornell has been chit-chatting with The Sun's Tim Nixon, to stress what a unique beast Soundgarden are:

“We stand alone outside of genres. We’re not like anybody else. We can’t be imitated.”
'Not like anyone else' is over-egging it a bit; certainly the comparisons with Nirvana were odious, but frankly, if you ordered Soundgarden and got Alice In Chains or Temple Of The Dog you'd probably not complain.

And "can't be imitated", Chris? That might come as a surprise to Jesus Christ Pose, who make a living imitating Soundgarden in New York. Or A New Damage, who imitate Soundgarden in Israel.

Then there's Audiogarden, who sound a lot like Soundgarden down in California.

And then there's this lot, Bleed Together:

Actually, they sound better than Soundgarden proper.