Monday, August 06, 2012

Gordon in the morning: An Englishman in New York

Liam Gallagher is buying a home in America, reports Gordon. Sorry, did I say "home"?

LIAM Gallagher is taking his bid to crack America so seriously that he’s bought a gaff there.
A gaff. I suppose we're lucky he didn't call it a sweet, sweet crib.

I'm not entirely sure "buying an overpriced flat" really shows a desire to crack America in the way that, say, appearing on a never-ending slew of regional breakfast TV shows and playing a number of smaller venues in the sort of States that tend to score well when they're answers on Pointless. But no matter.

Ooh, Gordon - can you crowbar in a reference to Liam's awful fashion range before we all move on?
The apartment also comes with wine cooler for 40 bottles, an in-building laundry and valet plus 24-hour room service.

These days, he’ll no doubt be putting in requests for his Pretty Green mac to be dry-cleaned.
Thank you.