Friday, August 10, 2012

Gordon in the morning: Good news from Noel Gallagher

Remember the unlikely-sounding Noel Gallagher/Amorphous Androgynous "experimental" album? Don't worry if you can't, as it's being quietly dropped. Gordon reports Gallagher:

“It was supposed to be delivered the night I did that press conference and I hadn’t been involved in any of the mixing at that point due to being busy with other things.

“Anyway, it was a toss-up whether to announce it in the first place, but I just thought f*** it, I’ve done it, let’s announce it.

“But since then I’ve been on the road and because of that I’ve not been in the mixing, and I’m not happy with any of the mixes.

“They’re going backward and forward so then the plan was to get mixing done after the tour, but this tour has gone on so long that there’s been no time, and that means looking at it next year.

“But by then I fear the moment may have passed.”
In other words: if not exactly unlistenable, then certainly unsaleable. Whoever could have seen that coming from the very first moment the idea was mooted?