Monday, August 27, 2012

Mathew Street blown off

After Creamfields sunk under the weight of the Cheshire rain, high winds have done for the Mathew Street festival.

Although all the indoor bits will still happen, the outdoor focus of the festival has been pulled:

Councillor Wendy Simon, Liverpool City Council's cabinet member for culture and tourism, said: "It's when you mix rain and heavy wind that you have got the risk of barriers broken down, street signs and the potential for flying objects.

"And when you have got a lot of people in a small place moving quickly you then risk crushing and people being trampled, and we are not prepared to risk that."
I think after some of the disasters we've seen in the last couple of years at festivals ploughing on in the face of bad weather, you'd have to agree that taking a cautious approach is sensible. But I'm still struggling to make sense of "you have got the risk of street signs".