Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Gordon in the morning: He gave a little wine

I can't decide if Gordon is trying to raise a chuckle by sounding like Alan Partridge here, or if he just naturally sounds like Alan Partridge:

THE Beastie Boys won’t ever end up with dodgy wine at their table when they go to dinner.

Mike D is an expert on the stuff these days.

He has been writing a blog on his passion – and sounds as much like TV wine critic Jilly Goolden as he does a hip-hop pioneer when he’s inteviewed nowadays.
Jilly Goolden? When you're thinking of a wine expert, she's the name that comes to mind?

Thank god it wasn't fine dining that is Mike D's area of speciality, otherwise the entire Sun reading-audience would be going "who the hell is Robert Carrier?" this morning.

It must have been a self-undercutting gag, right? In which case: well played.