Sunday, September 02, 2012

Brighton Pride loses Burke as cops lose their temper

Alexandra Burke was supposed to play Brighton Pride yesterday; however, she didn't show up, issuing a statement instead:

“Brighton Pride, I am so sorry to disappoint. I'm really disappointed too. I wasn't taking a fee for the gig.

"I really wanted to perform for you all, however the promoter did not meet the production or technical requirements needed to make the show work.

“It was sadly out of my hands.”
Pride organisers issued a pithy statement which basically said 'nobody else seemed to have a problem making their show work':
“Pride Brighton & Hove would like to thank Fatboy Slim, the Freemasons and all of the performers who waived their fees to perform at Preston Park for their support of Pride Brighton & Hove 2012 and the LGBT community at large.”

The Argus is convinced that Pride goers would have been disappointed, but with the heavy-handed tactics which saw Sussex Police kettling Pride marchers, they might have had other things on their minds.