Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Gordon in the morning: McFly attempt to break America

I suppose there's some sense in McFly having a crack at becoming as big in the US as they are in the UK right now, as... well, it's not like their UK popularity of 2012 is setting the target especially high, is it?

Gordon is being very supportive:

After a decade topping the UK charts, the four-piece are finally making a bid to crack the States.

The early signs are very good. Two nights at The Roxy, then two more at the famous Gramercy Theatre in New York this month all sold out in under a minute.
Finally making a bid to break the US, eh?

Have we forgotten 2006, when - buoyed by an appearance on the soundtrack to a Lindsay Lohan movie (oh, boys, you are so of your time) - the band, erm, made a huge push to break the states. Look, their website was very excited:
McFly are as we speak on a jet plane home after an 8 day promotional trip to the U.S. The boys have giving back to back interviews and performances from the East Coast in New York to the West Coast and Los Angeles ahead of the release of their U.S. album on May 9th and their movie debut in Just My Luck on May 12th. The boys will be back in the studio writing and recording in the UK before returning to the USA at the end of the month.
That album was the only one that got an American release.

And, despite Gordon's reportage, the band are pretty clear that this isn't really an attempt to build a massive new Romeny-voting fanbase, but merely a thank-you to their existing, small fanbase there - they don't even have a US label right now. They told Billboard about the dates, stressing what it was all about:
"We just want to go over and do some small shows for the fans that we know we have there," says McFly's co-lead singer and guitarist Tom Fletcher. "We've been wanting to do that for years and years and years and years. But we've just never had the opportunity, or something else has come up."

"We have some fans in America that have been fans for like eight or nine years -- right from the beginning -- so much so that they fly over to see us in the U.K. It's amazing that they are so dedicated. So I think we owe it to them to come over."
Doesn't really sound like a band seeing this as their big US break, does it?