Sunday, September 23, 2012

This week just gone

What do Bng users search for that brings them here? A year's worth of data suggests:

1. xrrf
2. No Rock And Roll Fun
3. McFly nude
4. R Kelly sex video
5. Bev Rambough
6. Thom Yorke rude
7. Adam Yauch smoker
8. KT Tunstall gay
9. Marshall Grant
10. Stone Roses reform 2011

These were the interesting releases from, uh, the week before last:

Toy - Toy

Download Toy

Racehorses - Furniture

Download Racehorses

Amanda Palmer - Theatre Is Evil

Download Theatre Is Evil

The XX - Coexist

Download Coexist

Calexico - Algiers

Download Algiers

The Raveonettes - Observator

Download Observator

St Vincent & David Byrne - Love This Giant

Download Love This Giant