Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gordon in the morning: Plan B displeases

Gordon is outraged this morning. OUTRAGED:

How can Plan B so thick?
What has he done? He hasn't gone and backed Leveson calling for state regulation of newspapers, has he?
PLAN B won’t be voting for BRADLEY WIGGINS at next month’s Sports Personality Of The Year awards.

The cyclist’s achievements over the past 12 months apparently haven’t registered at all.

In fact, the rapper — real name BEN DREW — had no idea who the Tour de France winner and Olympic gold medallist is.
Not knowing a sports person would surely be a gap in general knowledge rather than evidence of being "thick", wouldn't it?

So how did this terrible failure of Michael Gove's education programme manifest itself?
Ben only became aware of his identity after losing out to the Team GB star in an online poll to find the UK’s most influential man.
Ben said: “I dunno who he is. But how many people has he influenced to start riding bikes? Not as many as I have to wear suits.”
If Mr B really didn't know who Wiggins is, how would he have been able to make a joke about riding bikes?

Isn't this just one of those faux-belligerent pretend complaints which, if Noel Gallagher had uttered it, would have had Gordon clutching his sides to contain the waves of mirth?