Thursday, November 29, 2012

Gordon in the morning: Robbie Williams asks the public

There's a certain old grey whistle test wisdom in Robbie Williams playing all visitors his new album to see if it's any good:

Rob said: “I’ve been scared, thinking this sounds great, sounds confident, sounds big.

“I’ve been having all sorts of people come in and have a listen — the mail man, the dustman, people delivering things from Amazon..."
As if the foot-dragging of a Yodel delivery wasn't bad enough, they now have to factor in ninety minutes for every delivery in case they have to pull a polite face.
“I said, ‘Come and have a listen to this. What do you think should be the first single? Is it good?’

“You see, this is a really important album for me.

“Every album is important but this one definitely shows where I am in today’s society and pop culture.”
You're standing asking a postman if Candy should be the lead single. That's exactly where you are in pop culture.