Monday, December 10, 2012

Duff doesn't want your money

Money? Duff McKagan doesn't care about your money:

Duff McKagan isn't in rock 'n' roll for money.

The legendary former Guns N' Roses bass player - who is also a member of Loaded - says nobody who gets into music for the wrong reasons will succeed and all his riches mean nothing compared to the buzz he gets from playing.
Oddly, he doesn't appear to be playing for free anywhere at any time.
He told Classic Rock magazine: ''Rock 'n' roll, for me, was never a money making endeavour it was pure passion. And just because you've been successful, money has nothing to do with it. Okay, it's great that I don't have to worry about paying the goddamn gas bill, but this is still motivated by passion. Money hasn't changed my sensibility about rock 'n' roll.''
He also doesn't have to fret about the sodding electricity bill, the shitting water rates or the the buggering life insurance payments.

It's an interesting claim, and he may well believe it, but it's clearly bollocks. Of course being paid large sums of money to play changes your relationship with music.

Right, he might play just for the 'buzz' if there was no paycheque lined up - but wouldn't the very nature of the buzz be different if he was thinking about having to be up at eight the next morning to prepare a Powerpoint about the Schmidt order?

How is it possible that all you have to do is rock could not change the way you think about music, and create music?

Unless you're made out of squidgy potato paste, I suppose.