Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Everything she does is written in her diary

Now that Elizabeth Price has won the Turner Prize, Talulah Gosh are all over the place this morning.

There's an unintentionally hilarious piece on Contact Music, which talks about the C86 scene as if it was on the edges of living memory:

The band are said to have formed after Price met Amelia Fletcher in a club in Oxford, bonding over the fact that they were both wearing Pastels badges.
"Some old timers claim they had devices called geetars, which they would somehow use to make twanging noises. Other tales tell of unusual hair shapes, sometimes coming down to the eyes..."

You've got to love the person who scraped this together, thinking that people might struggle with the idea of Talulah Gosh but would automatically understand a reference to "Pastels badges".
Before long, they found themselves spearheading the twee-pop sound of the 1980s.
That might come as something of a surprise to Orange Juice.
Of course, no indie band of that time was worth their salt unless they’d recorded a session for the BBC’s John Peel show and sure enough, that was broadcast in 1988.
Someone wrote that sentence.

I know what you're thinking: perhaps this piece was written by someone who was stronger on art than music, and so understandably struggled trying to make sense of a band much of whose history is locked in poorly-photocopied fanzines. Is that the case? Does the article get better when it gets on to the Turner Prize?
Price, the former member of Talulah Gosh, now joins the ranks of Gilbert & George and Damien Hirst – both former winners of the prize and major players in the British art world.