Sunday, December 23, 2012

The 2012 inch remix: April

Excitingly, the bloke who claimed George Michael's street was haunted by a ghost vampire turned up in the comments to swear his story was true. Despite ghosts, vampires and George Michael all being fictional characters.

When the original One Direction objected to the Cowell outfit lifting their name, overreacting fans sent death threats. Capital Radio, though, declared One Direction dead to them after the band accidentally thanked Radio One for an award the limp commercial network had given them.

The difficulty in living during a shift between funding models is it's hard to tell if digital royalties overtaking club and pub royalties is a good thing or not. HMV decided it might have been hasty when it dumped selling vinyl.

The NME decided not to give Pete Doherty too hard a time when they met him. Meanwhile, Krissi Murison announced she was off to the Sunday Times.

Axl Rose decided not to go to the GNR Rock And Roll Hall of Fame induction. But he wanted to make sure everyone noticed. John Lydon equally drew a lot of attention to a record he didn't want anyone to buy.

Bob Geldof wanted us to know about investment opportunities. Madonna's first week album sales weren't too bad. The second week sales stank, though.

Ominously, Blur started to drop hints that their short return might extend indefinitelty. Kasabian hopefully suggested they were a bit like Radiohead.

Plan B called for disadvantaged kids to be given a chance. And then gave a hand to one of Made In Chelsea to launch a music career. Peter Andre's second career as a restaurateur, though, ran into trouble.

Sonisphere axed itself.

Joni Mitchell quit music to work for people with a rare condition and ill-health put paid to Sinead O'Connor's touring plans.

Grooveshark tried to pretend it was dropping EMI music because three major labels was more cartel-like than four. George Martin described the EMI takeover as "the worst thing music has ever faced".

[Part of the 2012 inch remix]