Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Brits 2013: On everyone's lips

They came up with a great wheeze at the Brits - this year, their website has hosted a Twitter index, designed to show how the expensive awards ceremony has added buzz to the artists involved.

Unfortunately, it really just shows the opposite.

Here's the tracker for the best band nominees:

The green line is One Direction. The yellow one, which you can see gets a tiny little pulse, is Muse. The others... well, the others are there somewhere.

Perhaps that's a little unfair - there are always a gazillion tweets about One Direction, so they've stretched the scale of the graph and crushed any other group's fluctuations. Let's take a different category, with lower peaks. Here's the breakthrough category:

Blue is Ben Howard, purple is Rita Ora. So, yes, Ben Howard did get a massive boost during the event - mostly hostile 'who the hell is this?' and 'some sort of wet dishtowel has dropped over my television' tweets - and then vanishes again.

One last one: album of the year (these are tweets about the artists, not the albums themselves):

Sande's in blue; yellow is Mumford & Sons; green is Paloma Faith and purple is Plan B.

If the idea was to demonstrate to BPI members that the awards generates a short, sharp spike in interest, but only for a couple of artists, the graphs do their job. Somehow don't think that was the plan, though.