Sunday, February 03, 2013

This week just gone

The most-read things this week:

1. Neil McCormick's Telegraph Kraftwek piece similar to Jude Rogers' Observer Kraftwerk piece
2. At least we know Nicola Roberts didn't lip-synch
3. HMV loses control of more than one Twitter account
4. Artrocker closes print edition
5. RIP Leroy Bonner
6. 6Music ask listeners to order singles; try to downplay the result
7. Mark And Lard: The last show in full
8. Ronan Keating struggles with time and space
9. Black Flag rises again
10. Gordon Smart hails John Leslie's return to the 'mainstream'

These were the interesting releases:

A Fine Frenzy - Pines

Download Pines

Delphic - Collections

Download Collections

Local Natives - Hummingbird

Download Hummingbird

We've Got A Fuzzbox... - Bostin' Steve Austin

Download Bostin Steve Austin