Friday, March 01, 2013

Radio 2/10

Anger over at Radio 2, where plans by management to score all DJs out of ten has sparked a revolt:

The proposal proved short-lived – DJs were said to have treated it with disdain, with one station insider describing it as "astonishing it was suggested at all".

"It's reducing the whole thing to numbers," said another BBC source. "The idea that you can measure the success of a programme by a series of integers, it feels as if you are being treated like a child.

"The things that really matter aren't measurable. A presenter could hit all their numbers and still have a dull programme. Or they could miss all the targets but be making great radio."
Good god, if you start to rate DJs out of ten, where would that craziness lead? You might start to try and decide what the best record in the nation is by comparing the number of sales, drawing up some sort of chart. It'd never work.


johnlyons121 said...

Well, the comparison - of subjectively rating DJs with objectively ranking singles sales - works if you think that the number one each week is, by definition, the "best".

johnlyons121 said...

I hope it doesn't seem like I'm just sniping from the sides. I'm a fan of XRRF, particularly when you indulge my pet prejudices like giving a shoeing to the Gallaghers or the red tops. Keep up the good work. (thumbs up emoticon)

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Fair point that one is subjective, and one is... well, not quite 'objective' as the arcane rules don't quite make it a dispassionate list, but 'more observationally based'.

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