Thursday, April 11, 2013

Gordon in the morning: Liam Gallagher applauds treating fans like rubbish

I'm sure somewhere in the middle of this, Liam Gallagher thinks he's making some sort of hilarious joke:

LIAM GALLAGHER has started getting his excuses in for BEADY EYE’s new album title, BE.
And, strangely enough, he’s putting the blame on JUSTIN BIEBER.
Liam said: “My theory is that it’s gonna have BE on the cover, and then on the back I-E-B-E-R.
“Biiiiieee-ber! I’ve got his f****** back, man.”
Obviously, having lumbered the album with such a clunky title - not even working up the being arsedness to make it self-titled - there's got to be a creation myth. This isn't it.

Hang on, though: there's more:
Liam also defended Bieber after the little trumpet went on stage late at The O2 arena last month, claiming more bands should do the same.

He said: “Anyone who goes on two hours late is f****** right in my book, man.

“All these so-called rock bands that sit backstage going, ‘Hey, let’s wait 15 minutes’.

“F*** that, wait two hours and 15 minutes! No one will beat that, ever.

“So get off his back, man — I am a Belieber!”
To be honest, Liam, if you want to linger out backstage indefinitely, I don't think anyone would much mind.