Monday, April 01, 2013

Gordon in the morning: Mensch wants to take Bieber to end of garden, spank his little bottom

So yesterday was interesting, talking with Louise Mensch on Twitter about how she was the hardest questioner of the Murdochs at the DCMS select committee, while at the same time admitting that she'd already decided James had nothing to answer the second time round before he'd even given his testimony (you know, like a judge wouldn't and a jury shouldn't). Then it got a bit odd, when somebody else asked who the two people who'd misled the committee were Louise decided that his lack of knowledge proved that I was someone who didn't care about phonehacking and just wanted to "get Murdoch". (Yeah, thinking the person who runs the company should take responsibility for the criminality of his organisation - what a crazy thought.)(She'd also assumed that I wasn't aware of Myler and Crone. A lot of assumptions going on. It was like it was August 15th.)

Anyway, Louise is now a Sun columnist - on the News Of The World Whoops No It Isn't Called That Any More - something which her colleague colleague Gordon Smart shoehorns in to a piece about her husband.

Peter Mensch, it turns out, is no less strident in his opinions:

Peter Mensch, hubby of Sun columnist and ex-Tory MP Louise Mensch, said: “I’d take Bieber to the woodshed and spank him.”
Interesting. And number two, what is your idea of a great date?

Actually, Mensch is only suggesting physical chastisement here, not anything kinky.
Peter, 60, who manages stadium bands Metallica and Red Hot Chili Peppers, warned the 19-year-old singer will soon be on the scrapheap unless he shows his fans and management more respect.

He said: “His manager Scooter Braun is scared s***less. I don’t know what Bieber’s problem is. His career is over in three years anyway.”
Because let's not forget that the way to earn someone's respect is to take them to one side and physically assault them.

What's especially confusing is that Mensch manages the Red Hot Chili Peppers, which is a bit like someone who runs a bear-fighting pit complaining that zoos are cruel, surely?