Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Morrissey returns to announcing tour dates

These days, Morrissey tends not to play shows, but he's great at announcing them. He's issued a statement alerting fans in South America to look forward to a series of cancellations due to ill health this summer:

Morrissey is scheduled to play shows in seven cities in Mexico in June, rounding-off at the National Auditorium in Mexico City. Morrissey will also appear on two national television shows. The dates in Mexico will be followed by concerts in Brazil, Argentina, Peru and Chile. Details will be announced shortly.
Recently, Morrissey was advised to take a break from arranging dates to cancel in the future to allow his body to heal, but as he said at the time: "it’s difficult for me because, it’s very engrained within me. I know it’s the best of life … when you issue a bunch of dates and when you suddenly feel ill and when you post the 'contact venue for details for refunds' announcement … There is nothing better. Can you think of anything?”