Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Morrissey unlikely to be asked to deliver Thatcher eulogy

Morrissey has offered a Thatcher obituary for The Daily Beast.

Given that Thatcher was probably the only person who could dig heels in more firmly than Mozzer, you won't be surprised to hear that Moz isn't exactly holding back the tears:

Thatcher will only be fondly remembered by sentimentalists who did not suffer under her leadership, but the majority of British working people have forgotten her already, and the people of Argentina will be celebrating her death. As a matter of recorded fact, Thatcher was a terror without an atom of humanity.
After yesterday, when news outlets abandoned any attempt at balance or analysis - to have the television on was a glimpse into what it must be like to be in a Gove-approved history class - it's refreshing to have an alternative view.

And from one of David Cameron's favourites, too.

[Thanks to Michael M and @richstanton]