Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bookmarks: Morrissey

Sat in a Zizzi about a year ago, planning a trip to see my mother-in-law in Wichita Falls, Texas, I was poking at the iPhone wailing how there's nothing to do in such a town, when, suddenly, amongst a never-ending scroll of dates of cattle shows, there popped up a Morrissey gig.

It was like discovering an announcement of Leonard Bernstein playing Goole, or Wagner in Worthing.

The gig never happened, but it does form the heart of a great post on One Week One Band about life, death, Morrissey and Latinos:

Morrissey was going to have a show in Wichita Falls, Texas on November 28, 2012.

I know this not because I have an interest in the social calendar of the Texoma area, but because of the giant Kay Yeager Coliseum sign by the highway that I could see from the hotel room where my parents and I stayed as we experienced the last days of my grandmother’s life and her funeral.