Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Gordon in the morning: Father of the year

When even Gordon Smart is raising an eyebrow at your awards, you're in trouble:

MARVIN HUMES has only been a dad for five minutes – but he’s still made the shortlist for Celebrity Dad of the Year 2013.
Yes, Marvin Humes' contribution to fatherhood so far has lasted seven days - which means he's made the shortlist for 'not instantly putting the child into a lion enclosure', presumably?

It gets worse for the organisers, as Smart then mocks the names on the shortlist and the event itself:
The JLS singer is up against a number of dads who definitely won’t be going up to accept the nonsense gong if they win a public vote – including footballers WAYNE ROONEY, FRANK LAMPARD, DAVID BECKHAM and GARETH BALE.
Interesting that it's a "nonsense gong" this year, as Gordon was happy enough last year when Gary Barlow won:
GARY BARLOW really is top of the pops – after being named Celebrity Dad Of The Year.

The X Factor judge collected the prize ahead of the birth of his fourth child.

He pipped reigning champ Peter Andre to the title – sponsored by Premier Inn – in a public vote.

The Take That singer said winning the award felt “amazing” and added: “I’ve been waiting for it for a long time.”
Even worked in the sponsor's name. Perhaps they changed the judging criteria in the last twelve months.

Or maybe they forgot to invite someone to the party this year?