Sunday, August 04, 2013

This week just gone

On the first of August, The Sun disappeared behind a paywall. It's not a hugely expensive paywall - it's about the cost of bribing a prison officer for a month's worth - but effectively it means that Gordon Smart's column overnight went from one of the most-read scuttle sites to... well, less popular than the Daily Star's website.

To mark the end of this era, here's the ten most-read Gordon in the morning pieces:

1. Gordon promotes the Tulisa sex tape
2. Gordon discovers Jennifer Aniston has nipples; keeps a "Smarties League" of women with nipples
3. Gordon stares at Basshunter orgy photos before pronouncing them inappropriate for a family newspaper. Or even The Sun
4. Gordon reports on a Buzzcocks line-up
5. Gordon gets someone to photoshop "punk" hairstyles onto One Direction
6. Gordon introduces himself and promises he'll be first with the "next Oasis". Wasn't clear at the time he meant Beady Eye
7. Robbie Williams laments that he wasn't enough of a Mod for Liam
8. Gordon amusingly calls gay man by a female name
9. Gordon gets overexcited by breasts
10. Boyzone sex themselves up. Dry boke

These were this week's interesting releases:

Alela Diane - About Farewell

Download About Farewell

Luke Haines - Rock And Roll Animals

Download Rock & Animals

Martin Stephenson - Vagrant Stanzas

Download Vagrant Stanzas

Pet Shop Boys - Vocal Remixes