Sunday, September 01, 2013

This week just gone

These were the most-read stories from August:

1. Even Johnny Borrell's own record label sniggers at his low sales
2. Miley Cyrus waves her arse; Daily Mail clears the front page
3. NME pulls off tricky 'decent Reading/Leeds preview issue'
4. Listen: Tears For Fears cover Arcade Fire
5. Even Liam Gallagher's divorce sounds like a Beatles cover version
6. You insult Matt Cardle, you've got Mel C to deal with
7. Bros reunion ahoy… perhaps
8. NME circulation continues to decline
9. Fran Healy is angry with Beyonce
10. Shock: Robbie Williams wears unironed shirt

These were last week's most interesting releases:

Belle & Sebastian - The Third Eye Centre

Download Third Eye Centre

Franz Ferdinand - Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Actions

Download Right Thoughts...

Marc Bolan - At The BBC