Friday, November 08, 2013

Did Twitter remember Twitter Music in its IPO?

Does anyone, to be fair, remember Twitter Music?

So when Twitter went to market this week, did the company make anything of the super-duper service that has literally revolutionised how we ignore new music discovery channels?

Yes, but you have to read through to page 110 to get to it:

#Music. #Music is a mobile application that helps users discover new music and artists based on Tweets. #Music is available on the iOS platform. #Music uses data from the Twitter API to surface trending music artists in a variety of genres, and allows users to browse through artists based on social relationships on Twitter. We do not currently place, or currently plan to place, ads on #Music.
"Not currently planning to place adverts" seems to be a face-saving way of saying that the service is of use to neither man nor drummer, doesn't it?