Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Lady GaGa claims to not be interested in the Madonna throne

Lady GaGa popped onto the Howard Stern show to snidey-dig at Madonna and Perez Hilton.

I know what you're thinking: "surely at least three quarters of the people mentioned in that sentence aren't still going, right?"

So, Stern asked GaGa why Madonna "has an issue" with GaGa. GaGa has a theory:

: "I think she's more aggravated that I'm not upset that she doesn't like me. 'Cause I don't care that she doesn't like me... No, I don't care... It's such nonsense.

"[Attacks from people like Perez Hilton are] really rooted in Madonna, that's the centre of it. It's silly... There's always this pissing match: 'She's taking her torch, is she the new her, is she going to outlast her or not?'"
In effect, then, GaGa asked "am I bovvered?" Because she doesn't care about Madonna. Not her. Why would GaGa even have any interest in what Madonna was thinking, right?
"There's this thing with some people that I'm a threat to the throne. I don't want your f**king throne, no thanks, I have my own," she added.
Pssst... Stefani, remember you're not meant to be any better than the fans.
"I actually don't want a throne at all, because I don't view myself as a queen, I view myself as one of my fans."
Hey, why don't we have a giant throne which everyone can sit on. Except Madonna, obviously.
Madonna performed a mash-up of her song 'Express Yourself' with Gaga's 2011 hit 'Born This Way' during her 'MDNA' world tour.

Gaga said in response that she was "kind of floored", adding: "I'm not quite sure what her intention was - to do that in the show - but I don't really care."
Have you got that? GaGa really doesn't care what Madonna may, or may not, have done or may, or may not, have been feeling. She genuinely can't stress enough how little thought she gives to Madonna at all. Ever. Barely even flits across her consciousness. It's certainly not like she's got a room called The Madonna Room, which she sits in for three or four hours at a time, staring into the eyes of a giant Madonna poster, chanting 'what do you want of me' over and over.