Saturday, November 23, 2013

Max George chooses Christmas over a number one single

It's been the best part of two years since The Wanted managed to have a number one single. We Love Pop magazine offered Max George some sort of Faustian pact:

When asked to pick between Christmas and a number one song, Max told We Love Pop magazine: ''Christmas. Sorry, but it is. I do The Wanted all year and Christmas is the one time I get to see my family and I love seeing them so much. Sorry boys!"
It's an unfair deal, as George doesn't seem to have grasped that Christmas is something that happens every year, and will happen in the future come what may; and Wanted number one singles are things that don't happen any more, and probably won't happen in the future no matter what happens.

In effect, the question was just an acknowledgement that it's going to take a Narnia-sized miracle for the Wanted ever to get a Number One again, and that George isn't really that bothered about that.