Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Kanye West not happy at being on the money

It used to be that appearing on currency gave some sort of lasting fame - just ask Elizabeth Fry. Or the Queen.

Kanye West, though, isn't happy about his appearance on some sort of bitcoin. The Associated Press reports on a coming legal battle:

The lawsuit says the creators of the digital coins "brazenly admit" that they used West's name and likeness to associate their new currency with West because he is a trendsetter.

The lawsuit says entrepreneurs boasted that the currency can't be stopped whether it "looks like a dollar, a dog or a cartoon picture of a rapper." The virtual currency's creators are using a cartoon image of a coin featuring the rapper in large sunglasses.
It's not entirely clear why anyone would want to invest in coins named for Kanye anyway - after all, the value of the coins keeps falling whenever they're used to settle Kim Credit Cardashian bills.