Sunday, January 12, 2014

This week just gone

Actually, it's an annual round-up, as the full year figures for 2013 are in...

These were the most-read stories published in 2013:

1. The curious case of the Telegraph piece that read like one from The Observer
2. Ronnie Biggs dies; maybe now music will stop being so impressed by him
3. Liveblog: Brits 2013
4. Liveblog: Eurovision 2013
5. iPad man becomes the most hated person at Glastonbury
6. Why did Robbie Williams fall out with Oasis?
7. Charlotte Church takes down Louise Mensch with a single tweet
8. Videos: NME's best singles of 1993
9. David Bowie's new album: first reviews
10. Salon frets that people make jokes about Bruce Springsteen

These were the most-read pages from across the entire site in 2013:

1. KT Tunstall figures out why people think she's gay
2. Tatu can't figure out why people think they're gay
3. Sort-of liveblog: The last Mark & Lard show
4. Neil McCormick files piece from Observer for the Telegraph
5. RI"P": Ronnie Biggs
6. Thom Yorke fails to treat Ronan Keating with deference
7. Court to be forced to watch R Kelly having sex
8. Jo O'Meara doesn't understand why she should say sorry
9. Liveblog: Brits 2013
10. Gordon Smart gets very excited by the Tulisa sex tape

[Concludes 2013 steps to nowhere