Saturday, February 01, 2014

A second shot at obscurity

Revenge is a dish best served well past its sell-by date, apparently:

A TALENTED singer, who was once dropped from a hit girlband by Louis Walsh, is to make her TV comeback this weekend.

Cork woman Paula O'Neill (33) will appear on this Sunday's Voice of Ireland, more than a decade after being dumped unceremoniously out of the band Bellefire.

Paula was never given an explanation as to why she was kicked out of the group, co-managed by Louis Walsh, and said that she would love to finally hear an answer.
If, as the Herald claims, she is a talented singer, it'd make sense why she wouldn't have fitted in with Bellefire.

Still, you can understand her continued ire at being kicked out of the band. For the last decade, she's known the pain of not being in a hugely successful pop group.

Which, to be fair, she'd also have known if she'd been in Bellefire.


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