Sunday, February 02, 2014

Kevin Cummins attempts to turn back the tide

Talking on 6Music, Kevin Cummins has said that people shouldn't take photos at gigs.

Oddly, Cummins is paid to take photos at gigs (and does it incredibly well), but I'm sure this isn't like the bloke who runs the food hatch suggesting you should never have your tea before going to the gig. Not at all.

The comments on the 6Music Facebook page fall, broadly, into three camps - people who don't see the harm in people taking a few photos of an event they've paid a lot to go to, to remember it by.

People who think that somehow not taking photos means that their experience is superior to that of those who do - because they're, like, living in the moment, maaaan. As if a quick glance at the back of a camera is akin to stuffing your fingers in your ears, leaving the building, and never coming back.

Third, there's a group of commenters - who are right - who say that it's probably more important to tell people not to go to gigs and stand in the audience yakkity-yakkkitying all the way through the set.

One things unites all three sets of people, though: the visceral hatred of the 21st century outcast, the person who videos the whole gig using an iPad.