Friday, March 21, 2014

Amy Lee no longer encumbered by record deal

There's been a bit of a spat between Amy Lee and her label for the last few months - Lee mostly claiming she'd been shorted on Evanesence royalties. But now? She is free:

What's interesting is the attitude of Blabbermouth commenters under the line.

Some worry that she's not independent enough:
Joe Franklin · Top Commenter · Owner-Operator at Force Ten Productions
Fair enough, but unless she records and produces the music herself and sells CD's out of the trunk of her car, she'll never be truly free and independent.
What's that? She's going to drive around a car? Surely she should build a trolley from wood she grows herself and... oh, hang on, I'm trying to take the piss out of Joe's comment, but I think he's about to trump anything I can come up with. Because someone says this:
Conner O'Reilly · Top Commenter
Joe Franklin There's this thing called the internet nowadays where artists can sell their music directly to the fans, no car trunk required. Crazy concept, I know!
... and Joe responds thus:
Joe Franklin · Top Commenter · Owner-Operator at Force Ten Productions
Did she code the website herself?

"What's that? She did? Oh... but was she using a computer that she'd made herself from components? Yeah, but if she didn't power the electricity herself she's not independent, right," concluded Joe using a laptop he carved out of wood with his own teeth.

Still, the 'you're not really DIY' attacks were mild compared with some other opinions delightful Blabbermouthers chose to share. You might be able to spot a theme:
Fred Frenzel · Top Commenter · Works at Minnkota Enviroservices
You mean nobody wanted to sign a washed-up pregnant lady whose music isn't that good to begin with? I shan't believe it!

Charlie Meister · Top Commenter · University at Buffalo, The State University of New York
Maybe this is good news. It really only makes a difference if they put out an album more than once every 5 years. That said, I suppose there's an allowance here for child rearing. Can't wait to hear what's next.

Loco Ono · Austin, Texas
"I'm free to do anything". Porn.

Brian Nallick · Top Commenter
If she's married to a therapist she really doesn't even need a job. Those dudes make the $$$

Brian Oswald · Top Commenter
More like, "Nobody wants to work with me, but I'm too conceited to blame myself." Without a record company, you would be playing state fairs and bars. Go shit out your kid and shut up.
Child rearing. Doing porn. Being a wife. Below the line on Blabbermouth, there are no limits to what a woman can achieve, are there?