Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Pete Doherty is set to offer us a new album

You'd have hoped that juicing what's left of The Libertines' mystery for cash would have kept Pete Doherty busy enough for the time being, but... oh, no. There's a secret solo album coagulating somewhere. He's told NME all about it:

The album will be titled 'Flags From The Old Regime'. "I've got 10 tunes done now," he says. "There's that one song 'Down For The Outing', which I've had for a while now, but it's incredible - Johann's made it sound like a brand new song."

Doherty also announced that the album has been recorded without his Babyshambles bandmates and instead with "kids around the studio". "There just seems to be a blockade against it, which I don't understand," he says.

He also admits that his record label don't yet know that he is recording the new material. "I don't know what the deal is with EMI Publishing," he says. "I've been told not to tell anyone about the album, but I'm supposed to be someone who writes songs and makes records."
Perhaps EMI is taking part in some sort of set-aside project for musicians, where governments pay the label not to make records with certain artists. You could be putting a large cheque from Brussels at risk, Pete.