Monday, May 19, 2014

Rita Ora goes to Cannes; opens bottles

Rita Ora has gone to Cannes, and wants to enjoy it:

Rita Ora has been to Cannes before, but she can't tell you much about it because it felt like a blur.

"I've never been to Cannes properly. I've been one time to perform, and then I left, so I never really experienced it," she said.
So how will she stop it feeling like a blur this time?
The 23-year-old British singer was back to perform Friday night for an intimate party thrown by Belvedere Vodka.
Oh, yes. Nothing like a gig where there's free vodka on offer to ensure that things won't pass in a blur.

And how did the IBN choose to headline this vodka-floated trip to Cannes?
British singer Rita Ora plans to 'soak up' Cannes this time
I guess it depends how much voddy there is to be soaked up first, though.