Sunday, June 01, 2014

John Lydon's Herod slaughtered while still innocent

Whoever booked the Jesus Christ Superstar revival with John Lydon as Herod, one of Incubus as Judas and a random N'Syncer as Pilate seems to have sobered up. The tour has been axed.

It turns out their collected draw - even with the addition of that bloke who won the being Jesus on ITV last year - just wasn't enough to interest anybody into shelling out for tickets:

The next morning, Mr. Forster and Mr. Chasez were rehearsing with Mr. Connor when the company’s general manager entered the studio.

Describing what happened next, Mr. Forster said, “He was like, ‘Guys, take a break. We need to chat. It’s not going to happen.' ” At this point in his recollection, Mr. Forster simply gasped.

Mr. Boyd, who has no previous musical theater experience, suspected he was being hazed. “I thought it was like a prank that you pull on the new guy,” he said. “But no.”
Unsurprisingly, John Lydon has reached for his default "knew it all along" setting:
“I had a run-in with the alleged promoter [Michael Cohl] in New York,” Mr. Lydon said. “I didn’t like him and I instinctively didn’t trust him.”
Of course, John. Of course.

Cohl was also involved in the U2/Spiderman thing, so at least this time he's stopped things before anyone got hurt. Physically hurt, anyway.