Friday, June 27, 2014

Lady GaGa: The famous monster

Perez Hilton still banging on about how Lady GaGa started to be mean to him:

Hilton went on to say that he believed Gaga was "just using him" during their friendship.

"I think it was fame that just poisoned her. She had an album Fame Monster, her second album, and she became consumed by that which she was fascinated about. You know, fame can be a very deadly drug and it has damaged her personally.

"I think she has unfortunately become a victim of this character she created. Instead of being an artist she became this freak and this cartoon character and so unrelateable to people," he said.
Perez Hilton, of course, is a man who in no way would let a bit of fame for writing "OMG" in Microsoft Paint on photos of Nicole Richie go to his head for about a decade. Just so we're clear.