Sunday, July 06, 2014

This week just gone

Popular on Facebook: These are the most-interesting stories this year as far as Facebook is concerned:

1. Armenia's homophobic Eurovision entry
2. MTV sees women at gigs, decides you need a 'how to pull women at gigs' guide
3. Jessie J resigns her bisexuality
4. Alfie Boe is a bit of an asshat
5. Terry Christian has some strange views
6. Liveblog: Brits 2014
7. Lorde provides location for first Phelps counter-protest
8. Panic at the Disco destroy a venue
9. The tiny royalty cheques of 21st century music
10. The magical world of Chris Moyles' taxes

The music industry managed these:

Cambodian Space Project - Whisky Cambodia

Download Whisky Cambodia

Phantogram - Voices

Download Phantogram

Brontide - Artery