Saturday, September 06, 2014

Linkin Park versus all of Malta

Malta were stood on the pitch, ready to play Slovakia. But first, their anthem.

Except the anthem wasn't played in. Linkin Park blasted through the speakers instead.

Digital Spy reckons less than a second of Linkin Park played before the correct tune was found - in the olden days, that would have been preceded by that 'needle scratching over a record' sound.

To be honest, looking at the Maltese anthem's lyrics:

Guard, Lord, forever, as you´ve done erst and ceasing never,

This land whose name we received, our motherly-named Mother.

Her you have draped with a light whose grace exceeds all other.

On those who govern, sovereign God, bestow understanding,

Grant wellness to those who work, largesse to those employing,

Make firm, make just all our bonds, the peace we are enjoying.
... I kind of wish every time Linkin Park appeared on a speaker they get rapidly preempted by that instead.