Thursday, December 25, 2014

2014 Forever: June

Radio One axed a lot of presenters who love music but don't have YouTube channels while the BBC decided to celebrate Brazil's rich musical heritage by getting an old Stevie Wonder song for the World Cup theme. We also had the annual moan about how many people it takes to mount a complex live outside broadcast for six channels at Glastonbury. Probably not the best time for the BBC to launch another music awards show, though.

Pharrell put on a Native American headdress, pulled down a shitstorm. Jack White tried to explain why slagging off Meg White was somehow championing her and Billy Bragg discovered being rude about Kasabian gets you called a "cunt" by the sort of people who like Kasabian.

Alfie Allen didn't appear to know about Lily Allen's supposed approach to appear in Game Of Thrones and Perez Hilton was still moaning about how Lady GaGa treats him bad.

Kanye West went down like a sandbag in a swimming pool at Boonaroo. Plans for a tour of Jesus Christ Superstar with John Lydon as Herod were dumped when it became clear nobody wanted to see that. Inevitably, another Morrissey tour turned out to be cancelled.

The BPI somehow tried to use the right to be forgotten to make a point about piracy and belatedly added streaming to the charts.

After nearly 40 years, The Ramones debut album finally went Gold.

Staind called out festival molesters. It's depressing more bands don't.

Dropped: Kylie; James Arthur
Launching: Amazon Prime music streaming
Collaborating: Sir Mix-A-Lot & Prokofiev
Quitting: Chris Moyles

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