Sunday, June 14, 2015

This week just gone

The most-read stories in the first half of the year (minus two weeks, but you know we're close enough):

1. Liveblog: Brits
2. Liveblog: Eurovision
3. Grooveshark calls it a day
4. Mental health in the music industry
5. Noel Gallagher is still loved by the NME
6. What is Conor McNicholas up to these days?
7. RIP: Jess Marquis
8. Blurred Lines a rip-off - official
9. The UK's Eurovision entry
10. From Westlife to lay-by

These were interesting releases this week:

Sauna Youth - Distractions

Download Distractions

Pins - Wild Nights

Download Wild Nights

Bis - I Love Bis

Download I Love Bis


Download FFS

Act - Love & Hate

Download Love & Hate

Tove Stryke - Kiddo

Download Kiddo