Sunday, December 27, 2015

15 Step: August

People were touching up Nicki Minaj's wax effigy, Morrissey claimed he'd been touched up by the TSA while Lenny Kravitz's cock fell out on stage which somehow breached his human rights.

It became illegal to back up your own music but it's still okay for Ryan Adams to copy 1989.

Rather sweetly, the government believed that age ratings on pop videos would somehow mean something.

It wasn't much fun being Hannah Montana and even less fun being a woman near Dre.

One of Living In A Box broke cover.

People at a Sam Smith gig failed to recognise Sam Smith and Skiibii's manager decided he was dead without checking first.

Miley and Nicki were at war with each other, Chris Brown is now at war with Jesus and Palestine is at war with Pharrell Williams.

NOFX have started paying fans to go away.

Tom "The Voice" Jones was told he was no longer required by The Voice. He will now be known as Tom Jones.

Closing: Columbia House

Axed: XFM

Splitting: One Direction

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